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5 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. an In-House Marketing Team

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28Aug5 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. an In-House Marketing Team

The ever-changing digital landscape offers a myriad of marketing options to businesses. From marketing agencies and freelancers to building your own in-house marketing team, organizations have more choices than ever before, particularly when it comes to online marketing. As your business flourishes, you’ll need to reflect on how the company’s marketing endeavors will be handled, including whether to recruit new employees and develop an in-house marketing team or empower your brand by hiring a marketing agency.

While both marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams offer distinctive advantages to a business, nevertheless, a full-time marketing agency provides significant value to big, medium, and even small-scale businesses. They strive to build productive and cohesive brands, put businesses in front of their target audience and customers, and encourage sales through awareness.

Read on further to learn about the numerous benefits of hiring a marketing agency over building an in-house team.

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency Versus an In-House Marketing Team

1. Receive More Than Just Marketing Expertise

Full-service marketing agencies offer more than just marketing. While hiring marketing agencies, the business gets access to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts, professional content writers, graphic designers, social media professionals, and web designing professionals to boot.

Hiring an in-house marketer may mean having someone dedicated solely to your organization, but it may also mean having to train them on tools you may or may not be familiar with. Those with more experience often come with a heftier price tag.

If your organization has the resources and the capacity to recruit, appoint, and train efficient employees for your in-house marketing team, then having in-house marketers may not be a bad option. And if you take your time to find the right people for your marketing team, then even a small team can adequately cover all your marketing needs.

But regardless of that, when a company outsources marketing services, they can skip the hassle of interviewing, appointing and training individual marketers. Instead, find the right marketing agency that will do all the hard work for you.

2. Unmatched Experience

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a marketing agency is its unparalleled level of experience. Good marketing agencies have a wide range of industry and market knowledge. They have more hands-on experience facing diverse challenges and scenarios that are otherwise difficult to find in individual marketers.

Hiring a marketing agency that has an experienced and knowledgeable staff can allow you to produce immediate results and assist you in quickly getting your marketing endeavors off the ground.

3. Access to Latest Tools & Technology

Having the latest marketing tools and technology on hand can elevate the productivity, efficiency and performance of the business. Indeed, some tools can be expended for free if you know exactly where to look. However, hiring a marketing agency can give businesses access to specialized software, premium-level services, and analytical data reports without charging any additional fees.

Consider the cost of just a few of the top marketing tools that are generally used by marketing agencies:

  • Hootsuite – $129 per month
  • Bright Local – $79 per month
  • ReleaseWire – $89 per release
  • SEMRush – $99 per month

As you can see, the cost of such tools can quickly add up. Moreover, with so many available options in the market, you will most likely have to train any new in-house employee to use such tools to attain your company’s marketing goals.

If you have a large organization, investing in such tools may make sense. However, if you do not have many employees, it may make more sense financially to hire a professional marketing agency and benefit from their expertise and the tools they have on hand.

Marketing Agency

4. Efficiency, Consistency and Speed

As an emerging business proprietor, you will be forced to juggle several hats while getting your business off the ground. Usually, this will also involve tackling facets of the business you may be unaccustomed to, such as digital marketing and branding. With so many burdens on your shoulders and such little time, it is crucial that your marketing endeavors do not suffer from inexperience or time restraints. Thus, hiring a marketing agency can quickly unravel this dilemma for you.

5. Affordability

The cost of maintaining and hiring an in-house team of marketers can be costly. For smaller or up-and-coming businesses, this price may be too much to afford. One of the more vital benefits of hiring a marketing agency is cost-efficiency. Besides providing an unmatched experience, breadth of knowledge, and valuable skill set, a marketing agency is generally more affordable than hiring a full-time in-house team of marketers.

According to Glassdoor, an average in-house marketing assistant typically earns between $32,000 to $55,000 per year. In addition to paying their salary, you can expect to be paying a hefty sum in software each year as well, with around a couple hundred dollars per month.

Let’s say you hire an in-house marketing assistant for a median range of $45,000 per year. Add in at least $400 per month for tools such as HootSuite for social media, Bright Local for local SEO, SEMRush for SEO and keyword research, etc. That puts your cost up to almost $50,000 right there and does not include the cost of your website, maintenance or hosting.

Hiring a marketing agency allows you the financial flexibility to pick and choose what services fit both your needs and budget. Let’s say you’re paying $2,000 a month for local SEO/citations, SEO (on-site and off-site), blog writing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc. Your price tag for all of that comes to $24,000. Less than half of what you’d be spending if you hired an in-house marketer to do it for you.

Marketing Agency vs. In-House

There is no doubt that marketing is the heart and soul of the contemporary business world. It is not an event but rather a process with no end. You must improve it, change it, perfect it and even pause it if required, but it can never be stopped completely.

This why businesses all over the world, strive to either build an in-house team of marketers or simply hire a marketing agency to do the job. To be fair, the benefits of hiring a marketing agency supersede the advantages offered by in-house marketing teams – unless you have a larger budget. Luckily, it does not have to be an either-or choice.

You can have one marketing person working internally, who can communicate and collaborate with the marketing agency; this way, you can get the best of both worlds.

Nevertheless, the unparalleled expertise, efficiency and skills that a marketing agency offers can rarely be attained any other way. 

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