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Facilitating the Pursuit of Expansive Digital Outreach

Creating Engaging Experiences and Unforgettable Impressions

Expanding your reach and scaling the sides of mountainous opportunities is possible with the right partner and expert. Pendragon Consulting is a full-service digital marketing agency that will hold up the gear and your hand as you ascend towards the tip of the mountain, taking your brand’s online presence to new heights.

Years of experience and continuous wrangling of the ever-evolving digital landscape allows us to support our clients’ goals of growth and expansive reach. One part creative and two parts digital marketing prowess, we can help you reimagine your consumer experience. We aim to drive qualified visitors to your website and eventually convert them into paying customers.

Competitor Analysis

Squaring up the Competition

Ever heard the phrase “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”? While calling your competition an enemy is a little dramatic, it pays well to know what they are up to. An assessment of your direct and indirect competition will reveal to you industry benchmarks as well as your digital footprint.

With an in-depth analytical breakdown of what’s happening in the digital world, strategizing result-driven campaigns would be much easier.



Strategies That Never Die

Approximately 93% of online experiences begin with somebody clicking away on a search engine. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an important tool in our arsenal, it allows us to strategically manipulate search engine algorithms and indexes to drive increased traffic and qualified leads to your website.

With our SEO prowess, your website can rank among the top results on Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.


Social Media Management/Marketing The Power of Reach

Being average Americans, we are probably all guilty of spending more than 2 hours a day on social media, carelessly scrolling through feeds, liking or sharing what we find appealing.

Whether you follow a B2B or B2C business model, we will help you find the right platforms, develop a content plan, and maintain consistent posting schedules to earn you a better ROI (return on investment).


Content Marketing

The Power of Words and Content


From content creation, publishing and distribution to promotion, adding backlinks and SEO, Pendragon Consulting utilizes the full potential of content marketing. From writing relevant blogs for your own website to infographics, newsletters, flyers and more, we use the power of words to deliver relevant and meaningful content.

The goal here is to build a connection with your customers while increasing engagement and conversion benefits for your website to reap.


Like it or not, everybody with even the tiniest of online presence is a brand. Whether you’re a keynote speaker or a well-established non-profit organization, what people say about you online has a huge impact on your business. Whether it’s positive, negative or nothing at all, our focus will be on making sure nothing is damaging your reputation.

We can also do some damage control if you’ve had a less positive experience. It can happen to the best of people, it’s how you counter it that makes the difference.


Digital Marketing Solutions

For Financial Advisors

Getting your business in front of the right people at the right time by combining paid and non-paid search strategies is what we specialize in. From website builds and optimization to SEO and social media marketing for financial advisors, we find the perfect balance between strategies, channels and content to give your online presence a boost.

We understand that unlike other industries, the financial services sector has a few extra layers of considerations when it comes to creating digital marketing solutions. Digital marketing for financial advisors at Pendragon Consulting is streamlined in a way that not only adheres to regulatory requirements but also facilitates growth.


Reputation Monitoring

Keeping You in Check

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Achieve New Heights

What We Offer

The Pendragon Consulting team, under Jessica’s fondness of challenging the dynamic digital landscape, takes a multidisciplinary approach to marketing strategy. Bridging the gap between conventional and internet marketing, we can build meaningful connections and drive results with effective solutions.

We utilize various digital marketing channels to maximize the outreach potential of your content and business so you can scale the sky as the master of your niche. But that’s not all. Our lead mountaineer, Jessica, is a research aficionado – a nerd if you will. Her analytical skills have proven to be of great value as it motivates the team to research what’s at play with each project. Using these insights, we create innovative approaches to driving conversions and engagement for our clients.

Whether your focus is on helping people manage their hard-earned wealth or a dentist that helps people maintain their pearly whites, the right kind of digital marketing campaigns will drive optimum results.

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Robert P.

EGA Process Serving

I have hired Pendragon Consulting, LLC to help me revamp my business because of COVID-19. The Pendragon Team sat down with me and notified me that my website was not displaying on Google for ranking. They also explained the difference between advertising with Google and Facebook. My profit margin has increased during these uncertain times. I would highly recommend Pendragon Consulting, LLC for your business.

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Eric S.


I've worked with Pendragon for a year now, and they are timely, responsive, and great in our marketing needs, adding visibility and legitimacy to the work we are doing in our marketplace. I've referred them to three partners already and plan on referring them to more soon! A great team to get you started in the digital marketing world.

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Heather T.

Tranquility by Heather

Facebook and Instagram took down my boosted posts. Those posts were the only way I was getting any income. I started to freak out. I met with Jess and she showed me a whole new world of Facebook advertising. She helped me get my posts back up and within 48 hours my entire weekend was booked. I’m forever grateful for her and her knowledge. I’ve even bought her books to gift to my entrepreneur friends. I highly recommend Pendragon for your marketing needs!