Optimizing Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Optimizing Local SEO for Multiple Locations

Understanding how local SEO works for multiple locations can be hard for any business owner. Whether you're running a local chain that has presence in a few nearby cities or a global enterprise that stands firm in several continents, visibility is vital.

It's worth the effort it takes!

Research tells us that if a customer spots a relevant store within their vicinity, they visit it on the same day 5 times out of 10 (source: HubSpot). There are several other facts we can list that'll tell you the importance of optimizing local SEO for multiple locations.

But instead, we're going to focus on the how.

Here's a brief guide by Pendragon Consulting, LLC.

Step One: Web Pages Based on Location

It's likely that a business that operates in 2021 has a website. If it doesn't, it definitely should! However, you should also dedicate specific pages on your website to specific locations. If you place all of the relevant business information on to one page, you aren't going to do too well in the SEO department.

Ensure that every page for a location is not identical. But some details will go on every page.

For instance:

· The business name, phone number, and address

· Content that is specific for that location

· Google map which tells the exact location

Meta descriptions with relevant keywords are essential too.

Step Two: Make Full Use of Google My Business

Once you've created individual URLs for every location you're operating in, you can then create different Google My Business listings for every location. Once you've created the listings, you can then link each specific listing to a location based URL so the customers around are instantly directed to the relevant web page.

To do this in the right way, you'll have to:

· Wait for every location to be verified (can take a week)

· Write the operational hours for every location

· Include location-specific photos

· Put every location into the same category (gym, bowling alley, restaurant, etc.)

Step Three: Ask for Reviews

Even though reviews are specifically important for any business, reviews specific for a location play a huge role. Once you have a Google My Business listing, encourage your visitors to post reviews. The star ratings you get, and the comments left by other users are shown on your listing so other customers can see them.

The more positive reviews you have, the higher chance you'll have of attracting prospective customers to a location!

Combine It All Together

When you combine all of these steps together, you'll start to see results in due time. However, it's imperative you remember that it can time for things to start moving. You're not going to see success overnight. However, if you diligently ask for reviews and build online presence on each location effectively, your online presence will be hard to beat!

Still confused? There's no cause for worry!

Chambersburg SEO Agency

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