5 Fundamental Marketing Strategies for Wealth Management Companies in 2021

Updated: Jan 2

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5 Fundamental Marketing Strategies for Wealth Management Companies in 2021

Wealth management is a technical and specialized field that requires experts who are constantly finding new solutions to provide services and customer satisfaction. Often, these specialized experts are not familiar with marketing strategies because they are not relevant to their field.

This is why we have come up with 5 fundamental marketing strategies for wealth management companies to better guide your growth through strategic communication and targeted marketing.

1. Know Yourself

The first step for any company is to have a clear understanding of what the company wants. You need to define the values, mission, and vision of your company with your team before you move forward.

This will help impact your future communications and promote internal unity within your company. When everyone has clear common goals, it becomes much easier to achieve those goals.

2. How are you different?

Growing competitors can saturate the market and make it difficult to stand out. If everyone is offering results, trust, and transparency, then you need to think about how to communicate your offer in a way that is different and unique.

You can achieve this by creating a strong value proposition that reflects the unique characteristics provided by your company and its services.

3. Know Your Customer

Marketing to the right people is one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for the organic growth of your business. Clearly defining your target audience is an important first step toward creating this organic growth.

You can start by identifying the type of customers that are most loyal, engaged, and satisfied with your services to create ideal customer profiles. Creating and studying these customer profiles will greatly help effectively target the right people for your services.

4. Create Your Online Presence

Many wealth management companies fail to grow their online presence and this can create a wall between them and their customers. Most people conduct online research before contacting a provider for any services. If your company does not have an engaging website or online presence, those people will find it difficult to know your specialty and services or whether it is suited to their needs.

You want to give your website visitors and potential customers a good view of what you are offering and how it can benefit them. Increasing online presence also requires good engagement on social networking platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or any online platform that is frequented by your target audiences.

4. Create Value-Added Content

Creating worthy and valuable written content can help you legitimize your expertise and become an authority in your field. Informative and educational content will create awareness in readers and make them understand why they need your services more.

Select your content carefully and avoid too much self-promotion. You can even use your written content and channel it through multiple formats like video and audio to reach and engage wider audiences.


Creating your presence in a sea of competitors is difficult but not impossible and good marketing strategies can help bring your expertise and uniqueness to larger and relevant audiences. Follow these fundamental marketing strategies and help your wealth management company achieve greater success in 2021.

For help with marketing your wealth management company, Pendragon Consulting is here to help. When taking the jump into marketing, you want a partner who can help take your company further and who is familiar with the nuances of your industry - such as working with compliance and the various governing regulations of the financial industry. To learn more, send us a secure message via our website or give us a call at 443-343-2313.

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