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Today, the possibility of establishing and sustaining consistent streams of revenues and ROI is cemented by creating an online presence that is hard to miss. To establish the latter, strong marketing practices need to be set in place.

Pendragon Consulting relies on research, strong market analysis and integration of multiple targeted strategies to help your business cut through the noise and make its presence known to search engines you choose to target.

If you're a national client or even local in Baltimore, SEO services are crucial to being found.

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Navigating Evolving Landscapes


The realm of digital marketing that we know today has changed and evolved quite drastically over the past few years. There are more than a billion websites, including business sites, e-commerce platforms, blogs etc., involved in aggressive competition to gain people’s attention and increase their ROI.

In this fight for attention, simply attaining it is not enough to rake in results that improve your online presence. The sheer number of businesses around the world along with increasing industrial competition requires meticulous strategizing.

The evolving nature of the digital realm has also brought with it tools of various natures that help support competition. From PPC (Pay-per-Click), social media marketing to search engine marketing etc. – these are all examples of how businesses stay ahead of their competition.

Pendragon Consulting has spent years honing the skills required to master these marketing strategies, gaining expertise that enables us to deliver meaningful results to our clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Mastering Search

Mastering search is the key to managing online competition. In order to transform your website into a beacon for traffic diversion and, eventually, sales and lead generation, SEO or search engine optimization can be highly effective.

If you dig a little, you will discover that SEO has been around for some time. It has remained effective in generating results that give businesses the opportunity to leverage their online presence and build recognition.

By combining your business’s branding strategy with SEO, we can facilitate lead generation. Our aim is to not just help you gain visibility through holistic SEO services, but also through website optimization, content marketing and online reputation management.

By providing your audiences with meaningful experiences, you can dominate search and have better chances of converting them into paying customers.

Improving Your Website’s Competitiveness With SEO Best Practices

On-Page SEO

We can help optimize individual webpages of your website with on-page SEO. From optimizing the content, title tag and image alt-text to using relevant keywords in the URL, the goal is to improve search engine ranking for each page.

Keyword Optimization

The most basic form of SEO practice is keyword integration. Pendragon Consulting indulges in in-depth keyword research, choosing both short- and long-tail keywords to optimize the content you post on your website and social media platforms.

Optimized Content Marketing

Google’s algorithm seeks and ranks websites that have meaningful content higher. Instead of saturating web content or blogs with keywords, we integrate them smartly in relevant content pieces that add value to your audience’s online experience.

Off-Page SEO

From building backlinks to optimizing social media marketing, off-page SEO furthers your on-page SEO efforts by attracting and diverting traffic to your website from other sources. We integrate multiple off-page SEO to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Local SEO

Geotargeting has become a common SEO practice, especially for small businesses. By including location-based keywords, you increase your visibility to local consumers in the vicinity of said geographical location. This is especially effective for brick-and-mortar businesses with a local online presence.

Building Backlinks

Backlinks not only improve your online presence, but they are also highly effective for building credibility. You can consider this as gaining votes from other credible and reliable players for your website. We aim to build backlinks for your website that are relevant to your brand, using various platforms to do so.

Result Tracking and Analysis

Pendragon Consulting understands the importance of search analysis and keeping up with the results of your SEO practices. Hence, along with creating and executing SEO strategies, we utilize tools available to us to track results and generate reports that support your goal of increased visibility.

Regardless of whether you're a national client or local here in Baltimore, SEO services should be a priority for your website.

Baltimore SEO services
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SEO Experts Facilitating Exposure and Brand Awareness

A full-service digital agency, Pendragon Consulting is built on foundations of strong research and digital marketing capabilities. Over the years of helping small businesses cut through search engine noise, we have honed our skills by adopting emerging trends and improving our processes with the best industry SEO practices.

We have a proven track record of demonstrated SEO results that are proof of our evolving expertise. Our strong emphasis on serving clients with expert services and delivering effective results further helps us build strong connections with our clients.  No matter where you're located - nationally or here in Baltimore, SEO services should be expertly applied to get your company the visibility you need.

SEO experts here at Pendragon Consulting assist small businesses to improve their bottom lines and ROI with targeted SEO strategies. We aim to keep you competitive and ahead of other players by conveying your competitive advantage through SEO.

By leveraging the power of short and long-tail keywords, geotags and relevant content, we strive to redirect traffic to your website and give your conversion rate a boost. This supplements other digital marketing practices you have in place, facilitating an influx of qualified leads that support your sales funnel.

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