What is a LinkedIn Service Page and Why Is It Important?

Staying relevant in the business world can be challenging, more so when trends are changing every day. The business world is a highly competitive, cut-throat, and now a digitally advanced world – that's common knowledge by now.

What is a LinkedIn Service Page and why is it important?

The only way to get ahead now is to increase your visibility. What is out there for people to see will sell. Ensure that your company is using all the tools necessary for you to be significantly visible on all mediums available. No client will go to a company that is invisible or is not even appropriately advertised. In this article, we will talk about how to increase your company’s reach.

What is a LinkedIn Service Page?

LinkedIn Service Pages are platforms that advertise your company’s services for free. What they do is put your company out there for more people to see. That way, potential customers can see what services your company offers, leading to potential inbound sales. Inbound sales are when customers reach out to your company themselves and ask for assistance. Bottom line: LinkedIn Service Pages help you increase sales using this method.

Why Create A LinkedIn Service Page?

Increases Visibility

The question is –why shouldn't you create a LinkedIn Service Page? According to Kinsta, LinkedIn has 740 million users along with 55 million registered companies. There is no reason why a company would not want to partake in this massive network.

Through the LinkedIn Service Page, your company will be reaching a whopping 55 million companies. For example, if you provide B2B services such as software development. You create a service page on LinkedIn and write “software development” under the service providing section. When other companies look for software developers, you will be listed as one of the results.

Measures Growth

Social media platforms have helped businesses grow vastly in the past few years. LinkedIn happens to be one of those platforms as well. As a business-to-business service provider, you must acquire potential customers; decision-makers at their own companies. To do that, you need good sales strategies to hit those sales targets.

Getting customers through LinkedIn will help you measure the number of leads you qualify, and with that, calculate a rate of conversion. LinkedIn is helping you acquire more clients than any other platform in this way. In that case, you can devote your focus and attention towards building a strong LinkedIn presence instead of spending time on other tools and platforms.

Lead Generator

Think of the LinkedIn Service Page as a digital marketplace. Sellers come to market their services. Buyers come to purchase them. Through the service page, you can hunt and prospect customers directly. It gives you a thorough evaluation of companies out there and what they need the most. According to that, you can market your company that way and provide insightful business solutions. If you want to sell a service or purchase one, LinkedIn is very prevalent for both. According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is about 3 times more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.

Chambersburg SEO Agency

Creating a LinkedIn Service Page can be a complex. You need to select the most suited keywords so companies can find you. With already so much going, it can be a hassle. That’s what we’re here for – helping you stand out by successfully generating leads. Get in touch with Pendragon Consulting now and get all the help you need with your LinkedIn Service Page.

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