Social Media Marketing: Consistent Branding and Quality

Social Media Marketing: Consistent Branding and Quality | Pendragon Consulting

As an individual, you might think of social media as a place to socialize and blow off steam, or maybe chat up friends, and post pictures of your latest vacation. That’s all well and good, but as a business, social media is an important chance to not only reach out to potential customers, but also brand yourself as a recognizable and helpful go-to source in your industry.

Social media marketing is one piece of a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy that can help you with branding your company and getting exposure. The best part? It’s free.

Why Should I Use Social Media for my Business?

Every mention of your brand is a chance to not only gain publicity for your product or service, but on social media, it’s your chance to control the direction of the conversation. It allows you to thoughtfully guide your story.

Whether you rely on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, how you present your business helps you create the vision of who you are and what you represent.

One of the most important elements to marketing your company on social media is determining where your target audience is. If you’re trying to reach a younger demographic, you may want to consider Instagram. If your target audience is comprised of middle age and up, Facebook is the way to go. Regardless of whether you use Pinterest for the visual aspect, LinkedIn to showcase business articles, or even Twitter to stay in relevant conversations, social media can work for your business.

Tips for Social Media Success

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your social media presence:

  • Keep a consistent look to your content by using branded colors or similar pictures and logos so you easily become recognizable regardless of which site a client finds you on.

  • Business descriptions and about sections should be consistent across the board, again pointing to brand recognition like we mentioned above with a logo or your company colors.

  • Use a photograph that looks professional, not from a family picnic. It presents you in a manner that promotes confidence in future clients and customers.

  • Include quality content that matches your industry. This is not the time to discuss the fishing rally you went to last weekend, unless you sell fishing gear. Stay on-point, on-topic, and show people why you’re a trusted authority in your given profession.

  • Don’t forget to be human. Participating in a charity event? Celebrating a work anniversary or a birthday? Your followers want to see that there are humans behind the brand.

How Social Media Can Help Your Business Grow

Think about these businesses for a moment: McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Verizon.

Almost instantly, an opinion was formed. You probably imagined their logo or thought of their slogans. Did you think of one of their commercials? The point is that you immediately knew who they were and what they represented. You knew what their brand colors were.

It’s because of consistency, seeing the same things over and over, that subconsciously we connect to a brand. Even in a nanosecond, when you heard the name McDonald’s, your brain was already forming a thought around them. This is what brand consistency does.

Sure, they are massive global brands with massive ad campaigns. True. But you can replicate the same thing on your level. By using those same tactics and strategies, you can create brand recognition in your own product or service.

When customers are exposed to you on multiple occasions, each time you touch them through your marketing they’re slowly layering those thoughts and images. By keeping them consistent, you’re doing what those mega-companies are doing. You’re solidifying your brand in a way that they’ll remember, because of repeated exposure.

Why Images Matter…

A professional image instills confidence. If you showed up to a doctor appointment, and your doctor was dressed as if he’d just got back from a camping trip or was fly-fishing in waders, you might have hesitations. The truth is, as much as we want to believe it shouldn’t matter, if you don’t present yourself in a professional way, people lose confidence.

We want to have faith and trust in the people we choose to do business with. We need to know they are competent and can do what we need them to do. Presenting yourself in a professional light not only helps your image but instills a sense of confidence in your clients.

Use Well-Positioned Content to Build Authority

You want to use a consistent voice across your social media channels. Just as you want a consistent appearance, you need to keep a similar voice. It shows customers you not only know what you’re talking about, but that you’re an authority on the topic.

When you build trust, it helps form relationships. This is how a customer chooses a company to work with. They want to know they’re in good hands, and your ability to share your knowledge is a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills.

With each of these ideas, you can build a presence that is not only recognized, but also respected. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that opportunity? Make sure you have a well-represented brand across social media today, as this is a vital element of your digital marketing strategy.

Social Media for Small Businesses

We get that you may not have time to post consistently to social media, but if you ignore it completely, you’re missing out on a large pool of potential clients. Pendragon Consulting offers social media management and social media marketing solutions for small businesses. From sourcing content to curating original content to posting to the appropriate channels, we take the stress out of maintaining your social sites. Get in touch today to discuss your social media needs by calling 443-343-2313 or by sending us a message via our website.

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