SEO - Making Real Estate Websites Flourish

In the cutthroat business environment today, if you want to succeed you need a solid online presence. Especially if you belong to the real estate industry, you probably already know the role a good website plays in helping you generate leads and reach out to your target audience.

SEO for real estate

Creating and launching your real estate website isn't enough to land you on the top of Google SERPs. In fact, it takes much more than that. We’re talking about Search Engine Optimization or SEO which comes in handy and helps make your website reach that top position.

Importance of SEO for real estate websites

To put it simply, without SEO you won’t make it to your target audience’s search results. On top of that, with the cutthroat competition, to actually generate leads, attract customers and make profits you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that lands you on the first page of Google SERPs. Let’s face it, when was the last time you actually scrolled to the second page of search results to find the products or services you needed?

Since real estate involves making huge investments, your customers will take their time to research before reaching out to a company. And with their attention spans getting shorter every day, they won’t think twice before moving to the second option on SERPs.

Having access to the internet as well as smartphones/devices means that almost everyone is searching even when on the go. With online real estate companies becoming more competitive by the day, real estate SEO is gaining traction and ensuring success, as soon as you become proficient with using SEO.

Understanding the concept of Real Estate SEO

While you must have come across the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization multiple times, most realtors are actually clueless about what it means. You may understand basic SEO concepts and how they work, but what’s often ignored is the fact that it keeps on changing.

  • Targeting your niche audience via your website is essential, but ensuring you use specific keywords to make your website pop up on the searches is even more crucial.

  • SEO requires constant upgrading so that you stay in the top position.

SEO for realtors

Below are some important SEO features for real estate agents to make their websites successful.

Local search engine optimization

In the real estate business, making use of local terms can be effective keywords. Specifying a particular area or city throughout your site will get better results.

Specific keywords and phrases

In order to improve results, search engine algorithms change frequently. While keywords were the only requirement for effective SEO, this concept has changed, and now SEO methods are more refined. Along with keywords, SEO phrases help in optimizing online searches. Now, using long-tail search terms generate top-quality leads, as it is more specific and precise.

Blogs that are SEO-friendly

The content that goes onto your website can definitely increase traffic, but the right keywords can make the process even better. Writing engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts will improve your ranking on the search engine. Remember to incorporate SEO keywords in the meta titles and meta descriptions.

Optimizing your IDX searches

Another important factor that a real estate website needs is the IDX (Internet Data Exchange) search box, which helps the customers refine their search by price range, locality, etc. Make sure to add relevant content to your website to not only optimize your IDX searches but also boost your ranking on search engines.

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