SEO for Financial Advisors

SEO for Financial Advisors

Search engine optimization (SEO) is inarguably one of the best marketing tools a financial advisor can utilize as it allows them to stand above their competition in the search results.

Moreover, it is low-cost as it drives traffic to your website that would otherwise cost you thousands!

In this brief SEO for financial advisor’s guide, you will find seven effective SEO tips for financial advisors that can help your site rank higher than your competition.

But first, let’s answer the question “what is SEO for financial advisors”?

What Is SEO for Financial Advisors?

SEO for financial advisors refers to the process of modifying your financial site’s content and code to facilitate search engine crawlers better understand what your webpages are about.

The better crawlers understand your page, the more connections they will be able to draw between the page and related search queries, hence leading to higher rankings.

Why Is SEO Important for Financial Advisors?

SEO for financial advisors is essential because:

  • It helps to get discovered by potential clients who’re searching for relevant keywords.

  • Facilitates in growing online presence and reputation

  • Acquire better ranking as opposed to their competitors

  • Receive more inbound leads and email subscribers

  • Increase blog readership, if you have one

7 SEO Tips for Financial Advisors

Here are seven SEO tips for financial advisors that can help you rank better in search results, attract new leads, and acquire new customers.

Tip #1: Make your site fast, secure and mobile-friendly.

Tip #2: Use historical search behavior to find top financial advisor keywords.

Tip #3: Claim and fill out your Google business profile.

Tip #4: Optimize your site’s content, headings, meta descriptions, and title tags for your top keywords.

Tip #5: Take advantage of SEO optimized images and videos.

Tip #6: Produce a key-phrase-optimized blog that encompasses high-quality content. Also, be sure to update it regularly.

Tip #7: Claim and properly fill out your local directory listings. Make sure to use your exact same business information.

Baltimore SEO Agency

If you want your company to rank higher on search engines, then keeping SEO for financial advisors in mind and using SEO tips for financial advisors is indeed a good route to take.

Lastly, remember every SEO strategy you implement must produce positive results in terms of conversions and traffic. Therefore, analyzing your strategy and activities will allow you to

understand which works best and which doesn’t. Thus, plan accordingly and notch up your SEO game.

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