SEO for Dentists: Rank Higher and Gain New Clients

SEO for Dentists

With the passage of time, dentists of the 21st century are starting to realize the importance of digital marketing. To ensure their websites get higher visibility and acquire new clients, they’re getting their websites optimized from the industry professionals.

Some of these healthcare professionals are also starting to adapt to continually improving social media marketing strategies.

And why shouldn’t they?

With the help of professional digital marketing services, several businesses have started to show tremendous growth.

And isn’t that what healthcare is, too?

A business with a different name for a customer.

But with that said, all of your digital marketing efforts can go to waste if you’re not optimizing the content you’re posting for search engines. To put it more simply: SEO for dentists is vital. But before we understand why your clinic needs SEO.

Let’s first get in touch with some basic concepts.

What Is SEO?

On just Google, 2.2 million searches are done for any and everything you can think of. Without trying to explain the importance of Google in our lives, you know why having a strong presence on a search engine is vital for your business.

And that is what SEO (search engine optimization) can help you with – staying relevant. To put it simply:

SEO is when you optimize your business’s online presence so that a search engine easily finds it.

Sounds simple, right?

Even though it might, nailing SEO and helping your business rank for an intended keyword can be tricky even for seasoned digital marketing professionals.

But with that said, why can SEO for dentists be important?

The Importance of SEO for Dentists

If you’re a dentist, focusing on your SEO strategy might not be on the top of your to-do list, but then again, not focusing on it will ensure no one finds you on Google. According to research, the top 5 results on any search engine take up 68% of the clicks.

While not being in the top five doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not doing well at SEO (since it can take time), making it to the top five can give you more patients than you can handle! It is also crucial for you to remember that while you might not consider SEO important, your competitors definitely will!

With changing market dynamics, promoting your services through a flyer or a billboard might not be the best idea. Not only do other platforms cost a lot of money, but they also aren’t necessarily relevant since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck.

Reach More Patients with SEO for Dentists

Once you understand the impact SEO can make for your clinic, it’ll become one of your top areas for investment. But with that said, don’t overwhelm yourself with the intricate details of SEO! Let Pendragon Consulting, LLC take care of your digital marketing efforts while focusing on providing quality services to the patients who visit your clinic. To start ranking higher, get in touch with us today by sending us a secure message via our website.

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