Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

Updated: Mar 15

Reasons why your business needs SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial when it comes to increasing your brand's ranking on search engines, like Google, and its subsequent visibility online. Any digital marketing professional can tell you that increased visibility is good for business.

However, there is more to SEO than just increasing visibility.

Here are a few reasons why your business needs SEO.

1. Free Ad Space

Traditional advertising requires you to heavily pay for placement on various media channels for a set duration. Once that duration ends, your ads are removed. SEO, however, can get you prime placement on search engine results page (SERP) without paying anything.

Search engines place pay per click (PPC) ads on top but organic search results, that gain rank through SEO efforts, do not pay anything to rank on top.

Unlike ads that go away after exhausting their digital marketing budget, organic results will remain on the SERP for FREE, as long as they rank, earning your business traffic.

2. Builds Credibility & Authority

SEO efforts paired with great content can help you gain trust, credibility and authority among readers or potential customers. When readers get your content through search engines and find it reliable, it builds trust. Overtime, if they continue to trust you with related content, you become an authority.

There are other things, like quality backlinks and user experience, that add to your authority and it takes time and consistent effort. Building authority helps further build trust and credibility, which turns customers toward your business when they are looking to purchase.

3. It Helps Overcome Competition

When your business works hard on their SEO efforts, they are doing it to rank higher on SERP. What you may not realize is that the higher you rank, the more you beat out your competition for increased traffic. In essence, your SEO efforts keep you ahead of your competition by share of online traffic.

4. Improved User Experience

SEO efforts that cater to Google's guidelines factor in things like usability, mobile-friendliness and load speeds. Google wants only the best for their SERP ranks and user experience is a large part of it. By working on efforts to improve your SEO, you are practically adding to your overall user experience.

5. Keeps You Up to Date

Google best practices are continuously changing and keeping up with them helps keep your business up to date with what is required. Google makes these changes to improve organic results, user experiences and cater to changing demands - these are all things that help your business stay relevant as well.

Top-Rated Baltimore SEO Company

These are just some of the reasons why your business needs SEO and there are many others. For now, SEO efforts are scaling businesses, small and large, to new heights by increasing visibility, traffic and conversions, all while overcoming the competition.

SEO is doing much more for your business than you probably realize. Whether directly or indirectly, your SEO efforts are worth much more than just greater visibility for increased traffic, they are a long-term effort that exponentially pays off overtime.

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