Podcast: How Remarketing Can Take Your Marketing Efforts Even Further

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

What is remarketing in digital marketing? Really, what is remarketing at all?

Over the last few weeks, as we're gearing up for the end of 2020 I've had quite a few clients asking about remarketing/retargeting. Many (if not all) have been personally retargeted in ads for websites they've visited. But how do you do that?

People who are visiting your website are considered "warm leads" as in they've expressed some interest in your products or services and/or brand. Help them down the sales funnel by retargeting them with your advertising efforts.

Not sure what remarketing/retargeting is? Have a listen to our podcast above (don't forget to subscribe!) or check out our blog on this very topic: https://www.pendragonconsultingllc.com/post/what-is-remarketing-in-digital-marketing

Here's what the podcast goes into:

What is retargeting? What is remarketing?

In a nutshell, retargeting is essentially developing personalized ad campaigns for users who have previously shown some interest in your website or content.

What is remarketing in digital marketing?

· Why should you be remarketing/retargeting your website visitors and customer lists?!

· Who - Break it down into the funnel

  • Cold leads top of funnel (biggest piece of the funnel - consists of the wide audience who may have never come into contact with your company, brand, products, services, etc.)

  • Warm leads (middle of the funnel - website visitors, product viewers)

  • Hot leads (bottom of funnel - took action/higher intent - cart abandoners, initiated check out, filled out a form but didn’t submit & customers)

· How

  • Facebook Pixel

§ What is the Facebook Pixel - an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising AND helps you to ensure that your ads are shown to the right people - those with a higher intent. It’s a few lines of code embedded on your website

§ How you can use it

· When setting up your ads, you can choose to create audience based off of your website visitors if you have the Pixel installed

  • Google Ads

§ Standard remarketing - show ads to past visitors

§ Dynamic remarketing - involves showing your products or services to people who viewed them previously on your website or app

§ Video remarketing - gaining traction, video marketing may be more impactful depending on your industry and/or target audience

§ Customer list remarketing

  • Customer list remarketing

§ Google Ads allows you to upload lists of contact info & when they sign into Google, your ads will be displayed to them.

§ Facebook - custom audience with their contact information

§ Email marketing

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