Podcast: Facebook Advertising: Holiday Edition

1. Retail season is here!!

2. Facebook Shops

  • Commerce manager

  • Build dat shop, yo!

  • Just like an ad, each time you make updates to your shop it must be reviewed by FB to ensure compliance with their policies

3. 8 Tips for a successful retail season

  • Optimize your business page

i. Complete the about & our story

ii. Remove unnecessary tabs

iii. Keep your response time low

iv. Include links to other social profiles in the about section

v. Images/messaging should remain consistent across all channels

  • Facebook Pixel

i. Install it for optimal ROI

  • Optimize for mobile

i. Mobile first!! Plus, most of your users are using their mobile devices to listen find you.

  • Build your email list

i. Lead generation

ii. Retarget your customer lists

iii. Email marketing complimenting your social efforts

  • Carousel Ads

i. Display your products with pride!

ii. Form a collection to entice them with options

  • Dynamic creatives

i. Let Facebook’s algorithm do the hard work and figure out which creative may resonate best with your audience

  • Consider video ads

i. They have great results

ii. Showcase your products, services and personality

  • Make sure your landing page is optimized

4. The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising book - Available now!

5. Facebook Ads for Beginners - Facebook Group for continued support

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