How To Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign to Boost Sales This Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 2

Facebook Ad for the Holiday Season
How To Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign to Boost Sales This Holiday Season

There’s no denying that the holiday season is every marketer’s dream! It is when consumers are all set to make whopping purchases. Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, Boxing Day —the greatest sales days are packed into a two-month period.

It is also the time when marketers begin to increase their advertising budgets. With so many prominent shopping days, several brands and firms increase their spending, particularly with different kinds of Facebook ads.

So, how can you compete against such enormous advertisers?

Fret not,

Pendragon Consulting, LLC, has got your back! We are here to help you navigate paid holiday campaigns this holiday season. Read ahead to learn about five foolproof tips related to Facebook Ads for holiday marketing.

5 Facebook Ads for Holiday Marketing Tips

Tip #1: Optimize your site for Facebook ads traffic

The Facebook pixel is a tiny piece of code that helps you to track user activity on your site. This feature is a crucial part of Facebook ad campaigns as it allows you to track them, retarget sincerest leads, and find more people similar to your buyers.

To get the most out of Facebook pixel, install it ASAP, and start gathering data from your site visitors. Moreover, you must also add the event codes to record when particular events take place, for instance, when somebody makes a purchase or adds a product to their cart.

Tip #2: Optimize your mobile experience

Several advertisers, particularly large retail brands, do not differentiate between desktop or mobile targeting. Therefore, everything is crammed into one ad targeting group without considering that desktop and mobile experiences can be drastically different.

Research data shows mobile experience is extremely crucial to holiday shopping: During Cyber Monday, Black Friday alone, sixty-six percent of sales from Shopify traders occurred on mobile.

Tip #3: Utilize suitable objective on each channel

Keep in mind that Facebook has two lead capture campaigns:

  • website conversion

  • lead ads

Remember, the objective you select can significantly affect your ad costs. Also, the platform type you choose can impact results. Several studies have found that website conversions perform better on desktop, whereas lead ads perform better on mobile.

Tip #4: Invest in video content for improved retargeting

As videos are such an engaging content format, it is an excellent way to build a warm audience. They offer better customer engagement and often tend to be more cost-effective than website click campaigns.

Moreover, the retargeting pool through video content is greater than website clicks. Plus, you can retarget video views up to 365 days later, whereas website clicks can be retargeted up to 180 days.

Tip #5: Build up your email list

There is a good reason why advertisers spend so much on increasing their email subscribers - email lists are an excellent source of acquiring customers. Sadly, Facebook ad charges are rising already. Nonetheless, you can still invest in swelling your email list.

And the way to do that is by giving away free content. Think about the service or product sell and what your target audience would find interesting, for example, a guide to fur care for fur coats. Next, create interesting downloadable content and run ads to it.

Digital Marketing in the DMV

Though it can be tough to get your slice of the holiday pie, it’s not impossible.

The holiday season can get competitive and frantic, but with a few shifts in your current strategy, a little preparation, and these five tips related to Facebook ads for holiday marketing, you should be able to seize a meaningful piece of the action.

Don’t forget to optimize your Facebook Business Page as well!

To learn the basics of Facebook Advertising, get your copy of The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Advertising today.

Out of time and need someone to do it for you? Get in touch today. Pendragon Consulting’s team of experts can help you get your Facebook Ads up and running ahead of the holiday rush. Send us a secure message via our website today to learn more!

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