Advantages of Blogging for Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 6

Advantages of Blogging for Small Businesses | Pendragon Consulting
Advantages of blogging for small businesses

Why should you blog? Can a blog really help your business grow? Can it help you rank better in search engines? The short answer is yes, it can help with all of those when done correctly.

There are some advantages in life that are easier to acquire than others. So, when a good opportunity comes along, it makes sense to reach out for it. And yet, many companies overlook an important aspect that can help them grow. The humble little blog is a mighty force that can not only grow your business and gain you new customers, but it can also help your rankings in search engines like Google by ensuring your blogs are optimized for search engines.

Miriam-Webster says the definition of opportunity is a favorable juncture of circumstances and a good chance for advancement or progress.

Advantages of Blogging

I can almost hear the collective groans through the computer. Many business owners either don’t have the time, don’t believe a blog would be fitting for their business/industry or don’t know why blogging is beneficial. However, blogging is a golden opportunity that is all too often passed over by business owners. Done right, blogging can give a competitive advantage. So, how precisely, can blogging help your small business grow? Let’s take a look:

  • Establish your company as a thought leader in the industry.

  • Drive traffic to your website and improve the bounce rate.

  • Rank higher in search engines.

  • Reach new potential customers.

  • Provide industry related, relevant content to your followers.

As a form of content marketing, blogging can help with all of those things and more. The key is that when it really only works when done correctly.

Blogging and SEO

We’ve mentioned several times now that to be effective and successful with blogging it has to be done correctly. What does that mean? That means that your blogs should not only be relevant to your industry, but it should also be on a topic that your potential customers are searching for and be optimized for search engines. That’s right. SEO. You can’t escape it. Conducting keyword research and optimizing your blogs with the keywords and phrases that people are using to query the search engines is a recipe for success. If you’re going to do something, isn’t it worth doing right?

How Keywords Help Your Blog

With SEO, we know that keywords are an important indicator that tells search engines what our site is about. What you may not also know is that fresh content is also a big component in rankings. Google loves fresh content. It says you’re still relevant, and your site is current and being maintained.

Keywords play into those ranking factors with search engines. When people build websites, it’s usually based around certain niche topics or keywords. For example, a pediatric dentist will be focused on dental terminology geared towards the dental care of children. You’d use the keywords that parents are using to find a pediatric dentist near their location.

If you’re a pediatric dentist you likely aren’t going to use keywords targeting adult or geriatric patients. By creating content focused on pediatrics you can help steer the search engines to your website in a controlled manner.

Keywords are the perfect opportunity to showcase that you’re a thought leader in your industry, build recognition for quality content and resources, and speak to potential customers who are still trying to decide what their next step might be.

Your readers have a problem and are in the awareness stage of your sales funnel. They’re trying to find a solution to their problem and your blog is a perfect chance to provide that solution. Blogs are a great place to answer questions that people may be searching for answers to and can help place your company at the forefront of their minds.

Once you’ve gained their trust, they’re more likely to contact you. It’s like building a bridge and offering easy access to reach out and connect. They have figured out from your blog that you understand their problem. They’re ready for help and relieved you can empathize and understand what they need.

While a blog may seem like a bunch of useless articles to you, it’s only useless if you have no direction and no message. Look at a blog as an opportunity to reach out, show potential customers that you have the answer they’re looking for.

A blog creates a win-win situation. You’ve gained both the trust of the search engines with smart, relevant, quality content. You’ve chosen keywords that helped specify what your business is about. And you’ve built trust and authority in a customer’s eyes, which in turn helps your business thrive.

Pendragon Consulting offers blogging services to small businesses at affordable rates. With experience in a wide range of industries and our extensive SEO capabilities, we can craft blogs to help you address your content marketing goals. For a free consultation or quote, give our office a call today at 443-343-2313 or send us a message via our website. Let’s work together to create a custom plan tailored to your company’s needs.

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