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Online Reputation Monitoring and Management Services

With more than 4.3 billion active internet users, approximately 51% of the world is connected through the web. This includes regular people and businesses that use the internet to market their brand to increase traffic on their websites and convert visitors into customers.

86% of the traffic that is directed to your website comes from search engines. This means that people choose to visit your website based on what comes up when they search for you. This is where a powerful and positive online reputation is essential.

Pendragon Consulting understands how critical it is for individuals and businesses to be proactive when it comes to their reputation. Whether you’re a keynote speaker with niche specialties or a multinational corporation, you have an online reputation. Our online reputation monitoring services make sure that this reputation is sustained positively with a virtuous cycle.

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Helping You Take Control of Your Branding With Online Reputation Monitoring

Pendragon Consulting relies heavily on research, which unveils that businesses run the risk of losing potential clientele due to a lack of online reputation management. We help mitigate those risks by clearing up and resolving negative reviews and complaints, and then launch campaigns that build and sustain a positive reputation.

Cleaning Up Bad Laundry

It happens! Negative reviews and other attacks can damage your online reputation. It is with prompt action and effective strategy that you can clear the air and re-establish your reputation. This step is critical to maintaining your business’s image in the eyes of the customer, employees, partners and other stakeholders.

Using social media advertising, blogs, SEO practices, and by simply addressing genuine concerns, we will gain back control of your online reputation. The goal is to transform your reputation into a strength.

Building Recognition

Online reputation, whether positive or negative, is dependent on what people are saying about you. Whether it’s on Google reviews, social media pages, or your website’s own testimonial page, user-generated content is critical for your business.

Without these, you lack brand visibility and awareness. This is a risk for your business because your competitors with much more visible brand images will become more approachable.

Sustaining Your Online Reputation

The second most common mistake businesses make is becoming passive about their online reputation. It’s great that there are tons of positive reviews and social media mentions about your brand but you need to proactively try to keep it that way.

Pendragon Consulting can help you protect your thriving brand image from attacks or damages with effective online reputation monitoring. From paying close attention to social media metrics, news publications, blogs, reviews and other mentions of your brand’s name, we can effectively maintain the visage of a positive online reputation.

Custom Online Reputation Monitoring Solutions

We have built our online reputation monitoring solutions so that they can be adapted to your brand’s particular needs. Your business’s reputation and credibility are of the essence, helping us create custom solutions that will build trust and enhance your brand image.

Pendragon Consulting understands that sometimes how you respond can make all the difference, so we make sure it’s in your favor.

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