Competitor Anaysis

(Digital Footprint Analysis)

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What is a competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis tells you what your competitor is doing.  In business, you need to be at least slightly competitive.  If you're not, you'd better believe your competitor is.  So, what are you doing?  What are your competitors doing that's similar to your business?  What are they doing different?  What is working for them?  What isn't working?  Knowing all of this will help you not only remain competitive in your field, but can also give you an edge over your competition.

What is a digital footprint analysis?

Digital footprint analysis is our signature analysis which identifies where your business is online.  Do you have listings with old addresses?  Social media profiles that you don't know about?  Bad reviews on platforms you didn't know your business was listed on?  Yes, we've found all of those and more with our customers. 

No digital marketing strategy is complete without a competitor analysis, which is why Pendragon Consulting includes a truncated version in our digital footprint analysis.  The digital footprint analysis is a snapshot of your business' footprint, your competitor snapshot (a shorter version of the competitor analysis), along with our recommendations for a marketing strategy.

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