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Harnessing the Power of Blog Writing & Content Marketing
Pendragon Consulting Helps Tell Stories and Build Authority With Every Piece

The lull of the digital landscape has never been witnessed as it continuously evolves and develops, pushing us into an innovative and dynamic world of digital marketing and social media. Content marketing, too, has become a vast landscape of possibilities.

Statistics back the effectiveness of blogging as companies that participate in blogging report generation of 55% higher website traffic compared to non-participants. Combined with additional digital marketing practices, blog writing can be transformed into a source of
continuously improving the conversion rate on your website.

A World of Content Possibilities

With the potential to produce 67% more qualified leads every month, the advantages of setting up a blog are too many to count. Besides the percentage increments in digital presence strength, blogs are effective for various aspects of marketing.

Injecting Personality

If you have an otherwise serious or professional website, the blog section can be a way you inject some personality and a human element into your website. It will make your brand more approachable.

Building Authority

Sharing a consistent stream of relevant and valuable content is not only good for indexing and Google ranking, but it is also effective in defining your business as an authority within your niche. Visitors will trust your insights!

Indirect Marketing

Informative blogs can still be a marketing tool without being blatantly “salesy”. By writing about your products or services in an informative way, you can include conversational CTAs (Call to Actions) to compel people to click through to the sales page.

Going Beyond General Blog Writing Services

A penchant for research, analytics, and performance metrics, Pendragon Consulting takes a very meticulous and calculated approach to blog writing and content marketing. We start with understanding your business’s particular needs and what is currently performing online.

From considering user intent to search engine optimization (SEO), we scope out and plan your content so it delivers meaningful results. Our goal is to leverage the power of optimized and relevant content to pave a way for your business to not just increase traffic, but also improve your bottom line.

Both topic and keyword research further allow us to curate blog posts among other pieces that Google’s algorithms will love and index, improving your website’s ranking. To fully capitalize on the  effectiveness of content marketing, we go beyond blogs.

Our content creation capabilities include:

  • Newsletter Editing

  • Infographics Designing

  • Social Media Posts (graphic design and content curation)

  • Website Reviews

  • Flyers

  • Menus

  • Brochures

  • And more!  (If you don't see it listed, just ask - check out our chat service!)

Whether your niche is in education, finance, manufacturing, travel, cosmetics, e-Commerce, lifestyle or technology, Pendragon Consulting can curate content that tells a story and builds authority.

Our goal at Pendragon is to make an impact on your overall digital presence. This is why we harness our strong research prowess to create content that delivers meaningful results, impacting your traffic, click-through rate, conversion rates and more.

Pendragon Consulting helps promote you as a thought leader giving your business a boost.

Accessing a pool of talented writers, marketing experts, and our digital marketing expertise, Pendragon Consulting will create impactful blogs that build relationships, promote you as a thought leader, and give your brand a boost.